- Expand the usage of official stamps focusing on emotional aspects -

In Japan, people usually use personal seals called “Hanko” in place of their signatures. However, the seal only shows their confi rmation. If the seal can show their emotions or characteristics, we will be able to share more emotions. I proposed a new product, “Deco-Hanko” that adds emotions to a person’s Hanko. “Deco-Hanko” can be used by teachers and offi ce workers.

How it works

Deco-Hanko consists of two parts, the inner part and the outer part. Users put their own stamp in the inner part and add weight to make it easy to hold. Then they will put the inner part in the outer part.


- The Processes and Prototypes -


Character and Message Design


I made the 3D model with Rhinoceros and rendered it with flamingo nXt.


Users put weight in the small hollows on the inner part.


Users can hold it comfortably because of the shape and weight control.