You can leave your house without any concern.

When we leave the house, we need to do a lot; turn off the gas, faucets, lights and lock the door. Some people forget to do so and some people easily get worried about not doing these tasks after they left home.“Taskey” is a new key holder which helps users to remember their chores. It consists of five different pieces. Front of three of the plates, there are illustrations of the tasks they have to complete. After finishing each task, users set that plate into the holder. Finally, they close and lock the door and set the key into the holder. Using this keyholder will help people to remember their tasks and stop them worrying.


Final Prototypes and the processes


3D Models


3D renderings with Keyshot


Taskey put on a table


When you close the door, all of the cards and your key will be set in the taskey. Now, you are ready to leave.