Dynamic light fixture operated by hand motions 



Most lights are controlled by small switches. People need to know where the switch is but they may not want to touch it if their hands are dirty. Bloom is a light design whose on/off operations are controlled by the user's hand movements. The lamp looks like a small closed box. When a user opens their hand near the light the light opens up and is turned on. When the user closes their hand the light closes and the light is turned off. Users can control the light elegantly even when they are in a dim room or their hands are not clean.


3D Models


Working Prototype

Making a working prototype allows the designer to test the function. This time I made it with a sensor which captured the hand's position and movements, a stepping motor, Arduino and openFrameworks. Leap motion and openFrameworks check if a hand is opening or closing. In accordance with the movement of the hand, the motor rotates, pulls the strings and controls the position of the top panels.