Lava Light

Light design with two different 'faces'

Lava light is a light design for organic spaces. The light goes well with both wooden chairs and stone floors. When it is turned off, it looks like a hard stone. On the other hand, when it is turned on, soft light permeates the fabric surfaces.



When a light is turned on, it casts a light and stands out in the space. However, when the light is turned off, it gives a totally different impression even though it still occupies the same space. I propose a new light fixture design focusing on a harmony between the light and the space both when it is turned off and when it is turned on. Stones and rocks are used for walls in interior spaces and they work well. However, rocks can change their appearance completely, for example when a volcano erupts they melt into molten rocks. The rocks have two different but equally beautiful appearances. So I have designed a light which looks like a rock when it is turned off but casts an orange light when it is turned on.

lava light concept


Fabrics and plastics are common materials for light fixtures. I prepared three coarse fabrics, three printed fabrics and three acryic sheets and spraypainted them in three different colors, silver, brown and black. They were then placed over a LED light; first in a light room and then in a dark room. In the lighter room the coarse fabric which had been sprayed black looked hard because the surface was fluffy. However, when it was placed over a light bulb in the dark room, the soft light came through the fabric and the fabric looked soft.


Making Process



Lava Light Close-up